Blue Blazer

Ice Melt

Spec & Safety Data Sheets

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Instantly melts ice. Blue blazer is a premier ice melt that works instantly, leaving a safe and hazard-free environment. Works through thick and stubborn ice. Having the color blue aids as a coverage indicator. Safe. Effective. Reliable.

Blue Blazer leaves no residue where applied and is safe on all outdoor surfaces. This product is environmentally safe when used as directed. Blue Blazer is also non-toxic to children, vegetation and pets. Blue Blazer also produces rapid ice and snow penetration and application control. Blue Blazer works through stubborn ice and is safe on cement, concrete, asphalt, sidewalks, driveways, stairs, and parking lots. Blue Blazer eliminates snow and ice in temperatures to -25°F leaving clear paths and spaces. Blue Blazer is blue to let you know where it is being applied.