Ameritech Winterinse 2.0 All Purpose Neutralizer

1 US Gallon

Winter 2.0 is an all purpose neutralizer used to ensure your floors look just as good in winter as they do in the summer. Winterinse 2.0 will eliminate the white film from ice melt residue that is deposited on your floors which could also be tracked over other flooring and carpeting. Ice melt chemicals will dull the gloss & shine of your floors/ Using Winterinse 2.0, will help maintain your floor finishes for long-lasting shine. Ice melt residue also keeps floors wet longer because of the compounds that hold water. Just mop on and off with Winterinse 2.0 and your winter floors are hassle-free.

Winterinse is excellent for use after stripping processes. Our All-Purpose Neutralizer helps resolve floor alkalinity issues. Winterinse is an earth-friendly cleaner/ neutralizer that can meet the toughest indoor and outdoor environmental restrictions.



Ameritech Winterinse 2.0 All Purpose Neutralizer


  1. Clean floors to remove soil residues.
  2. Mix product per the following dilutions: Removal of light to moderate winter salt films: 1:128 (1 US oz per gallon or 40mL per 5 liters of water) in mop bucket or automatic scrubber. Removal of heavy winter salt films: 1:64 (2 US oz per gallon of water or 80 mL per 5 liters of water).
  3. Pick up solution and allow floor to dry thoroughly.

Technical data


Clear, colorless liquid




None Added

Shelf Life

2 years

Ameritech Winterinse 2.0 All Purpose Neutralizer


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