Ameriscent Odor Eliminator


This special formulation is more effective than ordinary deodorizers on a much wider array of odors. To use, just pour, squirt or spray some Ameriscent Malodor Counteractant on the source of the foul odor. Due to Ameriscent water solubility, it can be added to cleaning solutions at any level desired to deodorize. Can even be diluted with water to make a space deodorizer spray. It works very quickly to counteract odors caused by animals, sickness, bathroom use, food decomposition, cigarette smoke, and many other odor sources.



Ameriscent Odor Eliminator


• Restaurants – place a few drops on the bottom of wastebaskets, garbage cans, garbage disposal units, etc.

• Hospitals and Nursing Homes – place a few drops in diaper pails, soiled laundry hampers, bedpans & commodes, etc.

• Commercial & Hospital Laundries – place a few drops on heavily soiled laundry, especially surgical linen and garments from meatpacking plants.

• Veterinary & Kennels – place a few drops on heavily soiled towels, in trash cans, animal waste containers, and trash bins.

• Carpet cleaning water rinse tank (0.5 oz/gal)

• Laundry rinse cycles (0.5 -1.0 oz directly to rinse water)

• Toilet cleaner solution (0.5 oz directly to toilet bowl)

• Car wash recycled water tanks (0.5oz / gal )

• Deodorizing space spray (1-2 oz/qt)

Note: Carpets and draperies vary in colorfastness. Do not apply concentrate directly to them without thorough testing in an out-of-sight-spot.

Technical data




Clear Purple


One year minimum

Specific Gravity

0.986 +/- 0.005


11.0 +/- 0.5

Ameriscent Odor Eliminator


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